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This website has been created to help anyone of any age who wants to learn more about the birds of South-East Queensland. It does this by providing an exciting and unique set of video, photographic, audio and text resources about birds commonly seen in Urban, Open Forest and Wetland habitats. Other habitats currently being developed include Rainforest, Beaches and Mudflats, and Grassland.

This website also provides teachers and parents who are home-schooling their children, with the resources to undertake a study of birds with children. These resources are customised for each year level from Years 1-6 to achieve specific objectives in the Australian Science Curriculum as well as encourage children to ask questions and develop a genuine love of the natural world.

Parents can use this site to facilitate online learning by their children at home and can simply adapt activities that have been designed for use at school. For example, bird walks at school can be replaced by children observing and recording data about the birds that visit their own backyards.

This website is a co-operative initiative of the Learn About Birds group of Birds Queensland and BirdLife (Southern Queensland Branch). Use the menu to navigate the site.

This month's featured resource:

Bar-tailed Godwit: International traveller

Every year, Bar-tailed Godwits fly from Queensland to Alaska and back again - a round trip of 25,000 km. Learn more about these incredible globetrotters in this video.