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Basic Teaching Model

Why teach about birds?

Studying birds provides a means for investigating and learning about the natural world and we believe that the students we educate today are the conservationists of today and tomorrow. Birds are an obvious choice for study in schools as birds are all around us every day – in our schoolyards and backyards, on our footpaths and in our local parks and bushland.

Some years ago our Birdlife colleagues in Rockhampton, led by Allan Briggs, realised that studying birds also provides a way of achieving objectives in the Biological sciences strand of the Australian Science Curriculum. Inspired by this insight, we began pilot bird studies in two Brisbane primary schools between 2015 and 2018, and these have informed the educational resources on this website.


Some photos from our pilot studies  (All rights reserved)

How to teach about birds

During our pilot studies we developed a Basic Teaching Model which involves the following 5 step process:

We have used this model to develop Learning Sequences to cover the specific content for each Year level 1-6 of the Biological sciences strand of the Australian Science Curriculum while also developing Science inquiry skills.

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