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Pacific Black Duck

Anas superciliosa

Quick facts

Size: Averages 50-60 cm including tail, about 1 kg.


Range and lifestyle: Widespread across most of Australia, and found on all types of fresh and salt water bodies, mostly in pairs or small groups.


Food: Seeds of aquatic and waterside plants, insects and small crustaceans, from the surface or by up-ending to reach submerged food.

Breeding: As no nest is built, the female lays 6-12 eggs in a tree hollow or stump. The female incubates the eggs.

  • ​​​Males are slightly larger than females, but females are more boldly marked.

  • Ducklings can fly after eight weeks but leave the nest as soon as their downy plumage is dry.

  • They often come onto land and can run easily.

  • They also forage in wet pastures.

  • They feed at night, as well as during the day.


Text © Learn About Birds 2022 CC BY-NC-SA

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